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Generic and Amstrad CPC based Programs written in Turbo Pascal 3

Spanish Translation by MiguelSky


[TXT]AMSMNDEL.PAS Draws a Mandelbrot to Screen in 9 minutes (Req's mdelstup.pas to setup data files, CPC & CP/M v2.2 Only)
[TXT]ARR2FILE.PAS Example - Writes Turbo Pascal Constant Arrays to file
[TXT]BOUNCY.PAS Bouncy Ball Demo on a CPC
[TXT]BOUNCY2.PAS UPDATE!! Bouncy Ball Demo using Sprites (CPC & CP/M v2.2 only)
[TXT]BRKDOWN.PAS Converts Integer Number into Byte Sized Number (with error checking)
[TXT]DECHEX.PAS Converts Decimal Byte to Hexidecimal Byte
[TXT]FIRMWARE.LIB My Set of CPC Firmware Instructions availble to TP in CP/M v2.2
[TXT]GGUZZLER.PAS A GAME! - Generic TP3 code version, zapping ghosts with your guzzler!
[TXT]INDEX.TXT Detailed description of Turbo Pascal Programs
[TXT]MCARRAY.PAS CP/M 2.2 Only - Poking M/C via an Array.
[TXT]MDELSTUP.PAS Generates 4 Data Files with Mandelbrot Data, slow (CPC & CP/M v2.2 Only).
[TXT]PRINTHEX.PAS Demonstration - Print Hexidecimal Numbers in Turbo Pascal
[TXT]README.TXT Simple Guide to Using Turbo Pascal 3 in CP/M v2.2 on an CPC!
[TXT]RESETCOL.PAS Reset CP/M v2.2 Colours to BASIC Colour backdrop (CPC & CP/M v2.2 Only)
[TXT]RETVAL.PAS Stores an 8bit number into a variable
[TXT]RETVAL2.PAS Same as above, except 16bit number is used
[TXT]SCRLOAD.PAS (CP/M 2.2 & CPC Only) Load & Display a standard AMSDOS screen in CP/M.
[TXT]STARSCRL.PAS Graphical Demo feat. UDG & 2D Scrolling Starfield uses FIRMWARE.LIB (CP/M 2.2 and CPC only)
[TXT]STORARRY.PAS Uses Inline M/C loop to store values into a TP Array (simular to RETVAL.PAS)
[TXT]TESTCPMV.PAS Checks version of CP/M (either V2.2 or Plus)
[TXT]TESTORD.PAS Demonstrates what ORD function does
[BIN]TP3_PROGS.ZIP Amstrad Emulator Disk Image of Turbo Pascal 3 programs found on this site
[TXT]UNIFIRM.PAS Detect CP/M version & use correct firmware address (CPC only)
[TXT]WINDOW.PAS Demonstrates the use of CPC Text Windows (CPC Only)

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